Lysterville Avenue


For this project, we were challenged to undertake an ultra-modern addition and alteration to a period home that was suffering from extensive water damage. The ceilings of the home were sagging in some areas, and, as a semi-attached home, it was going to be difficult to access the site.

To add to these challenges, the client had a highly ambitious brief. The client envisioned a home that was a true fusion of classic and modern home styles. It was critical that the Edwardian characteristics at the front façade of the home were balanced with the modern renovation at the rear. The client was also looking to create a home that could accommodate three growing children and reflect their vivacious energy, yet we also needed to devote space for the adults to unwind from their busy schedules.


This build was a true testament to the strength of our knowledge and collaborative abilities. We worked cohesively with architectural firm Bryant Alsop to execute their design and, above all, create a home that transcended time, magnificently bridging the gap between the future and the past.

Throughout this project, we faced several challenges, such as navigating a monumental tree in the backyard that needed to remain due to council requirements. Due to the size of the tree, the depth of the roots, and the proximity of the tree to the home, we needed to implement a solution to build around it. We worked with the design team and an arborist to facilitate investigation of the roots and used a cantilevered slab over the root zone to the tree. It was extremely challenging to build the scaffolding around the tree and to construct a brick façade, but, thanks to our innovative approach, the tree remains in excellent health.

Due to the pandemic, we also had to contend with a reduced team and shipping delays for materials. Delays and shortages meant that timelines needed to be reworked, but we took it all in our stride. Despite the delays, which slowed down production dramatically, we were still able to complete the project within the agreed timeline.

This project was an immense success. We took the utmost care to preserve the heritage characteristics of this home while delicately modifying and modernising design features to bring them into the current century. We achieved a seamless fusion between the original heritage design at the front of the home, marrying this with the ultra-modern aesthetic at the home’s rear. All the while we aimed to open up space within the home so it felt more expansive. We flipped the stair around, creating a lofty storage space under the stairs. We also removed the arch in the hallway, which increased the height of the ceiling and created a palatial entrance leading into the home.

From the very beginning of our association with Fortem we knew we were in good hands. We felt listened to and we were able to achieve everything we were after in our renovation. Timelines were adhered to and there was unfailing attention to detail and pursuit of high quality finishes.

 We were pleased to recommend Fortem to our family members, one of whom engaged Fortem for their own renovation. We would highly recommend this professional team and have complete satisfaction with the final product.

 Lucy, Lysterville Avenue, Malvern

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