Building Insider: Manning Rd, with Chris Stribley, Principal of Cera Stribley Architects

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At Fortem Projects, we’re fortunate to work with some of Melbourne’s best architects who share the same passion for quality that we do. We love a challenge and the problem solving required to deliver a bespoke home, particularly one of this calibre at Manning Road.

Our client had a strong vision, and introduced us to Chris Stribley, one of the principals of Cera Stribley Architects. This was the first time we had worked together, and it was clear from the outset that we both shared a strong passion for original architecture that stood the test of time.

“Meeting a new builder, you’re always conscious to sound them out to understand the way they approach a build. With Chris and Stu from Fortem Projects, I knew from that first time we went through the house together they had that calibre of excellence. And this was exhibited throughout the whole project. Working together, Fortem were proactive throughout the entire build, and we could tell they were going to build something special for our client.”

Problem solving and collaboration is something we pride ourselves on at Fortem Projects.

“Throughout a project, problems are bound to arise, and it was a breath of fresh air, as architects, to be given the problem a week in advance and have a builder whose priority was the same as ours – let’s just solve it! The great thing about Fortem is their ability to flawlessly restore the original detail of the home and stay true to architectural vision”

Communication was essential on this project to ensure everyone knew their role and the deliverables. While Cera Stribley needed drawings, our client needed answers, and we worked together to ensure everything was covered.

“We had regular meetings, of which responsibility was clearly articulated and communicated between the three parties and we all felt in control of the project timeline and deliverables”

For us, contract administration is as important as the build because good documentation allows for a smooth process.

“Fortem’s contract administration was excellent and thorough, and always ahead of time. Any variation was clear and concise, allowing us to make quick decisions based on fact:”

While there were many challenges on this project, coming together with a common goal and collaborating with Cera Stribley Architects created one of our finest projects to date.


To see more of the transformation of this Federation home, view the full project on our website or visit Cera Stribley Architects

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